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By Joan - NY in Kerala 2018 

"To Antonella - Thank you so much for a wonderful trip from start to finish. Enjoyed every minute"

By Marion - NY in Kerala 2018 

"Many thanks, Antonella, for making this a great trip. Best wishes to you and Bhola, may all your hopes and dreams come true for 2019. Thank You"

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By Liz & Joe - Kerala February  2019

"Many thanks Antonella & Bhola for a great holiday in paradise, and thanks to our driver Gogle"

By Patricia & Tony - Honeymoon in Kerala January 2019 

"We had an amazing trip through Kerala for our special life occasion. We had a great time and laughs with Nithin, our driver.  Many thanks for everything"

By Patrick & Gemma - NY in Kerala 2018 

"We want to thank you for the hard work you have put into ensuring our trip was as enjoyable as possible. We of course wish you and Bhola the very best of good fortune with your business, India is a special place with special people and you are the perfect people to deliver great experiences for visitors.  Many thanks"

By Mary - February in Kerala 2018 

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Antonella and Bhola for the great adventures you organised to lndia. It was a fantastic trip that l thoroughly enjoyed it. l sincerely appreciate all the hard work you both done to ensure we seen as much as possible on this trip, as it was a trip of a life time for me, my sincere thanks for helping me out with rupees, when l desperately needed money.I have made memories for the rest of my life. Many thanks"

By CarolNY in Kerala , Dec 2017 

"Thanks to Antonella & Bhola for organising our trip to Kerala this year. It was my first time in India & I have to say it lived up to all my expectations & more . From the beautiful colours & aromas , the fabulous food & new friends I met . We had beautiful family run hotels & stayed in quaint cottages by the sea. Yoga at sunrise & a swim in the sea afterwards. I experienced my first moped ride twice on the trip & also had great craic in the Tuc Tuck. We experienced Kerala’s famous backwaters in an overnight houseboat which I even got to steer. Kerala is famous for it’s Ayurvedic treatments , which of course I had to experience, lots of .They were truly heavenly Indian girls that did our treatments & I will miss them. It’s already on my Manifestation board for Christmas 2018."

 By Patricia – NY in Kerala , Dec 2017  

“Just to say a big thank you to you all for such laughter and fun and all the sharing!!  What a group and absolutely amazing Guides!!!! Love you all and honoured to have spent such an exciting time in India with you all. Blessings. “


By Patricia – NY in Kerala , Dec 2017 

“I’m still putting all the aspects of a great holiday together. I know that it will stay in my memories for a long time. Thanks to all who helped it be a wonderful experience. Love to all. “

By Irene – NY in Kerala , Dec 2017 

“Another wonderful visit to India, this time to Kerala aka “God’s Own Country”, made very special for our group by Antonella, Bhola and Chitta. Thank you so much for the work you put in to make our holiday so great. “

By Caroline – NY in Kerala , Dec 2017 

“Thank you so much Antonella and Bhola for organising such a lovely trip in beautiful Kerala. It was a wonderful start to the new year with great travelling companions who are now new friends. The warmth and friendliness of everyone we met was truly heartwarming. Everything flowed beautifully, no doubt due to your experience and preparation behind the scenes. I will be back!! “

By Joyce – NY in Kerala , Dec 2017

"Hi Antonella and Bhola – Thanks for a great trip to Kerala for New Years 2017/2018. It was a fantastic trip with loads  and loads of laughs. The backwaters of Kerala were particularly special. All the hotels were fantastic and we had a New Years Eve that will be hard to beat! Made lots of new friends and you both were fantastic and so helpful, you made the trip very easy and fun. Thanks again and am looking forward to the next one! “

 By Mary – NY in Kerala , Dec 2017

“Still experiencing detoxification India style! Opened my spices to bring warmth and memories. It’s the lack of light I  can’t replicate and the company. A work of thank you to Bhola and Antonella for their care during the trip. “

By Traveller 1 – NY in Kerala , Dec 2017 

“It was a great trip, thanks! “

By Tipp & Piercy – NY in Kerala, Dec 2017 

” The scenery/ beaches/backwaters in Kerala region on our Christmas break were absolutely breathtaking and to swim in the warm waters of the Indian ocean were a joy to behold. People are very warm hearted and sincere also. “

By Adrienne – Spiritual Trip, October 2017

“This trip to India had so many highlights and moving experiences, particularly the ceremonies at the Ganges and Haridwar. I would like to thank Bhola for being so supportive to my dietary needs and to my fellow travellers for the non-stop entertainment. According to the astrologer, there is plenty of oil still left in my lamp, so see you in Kerala!  “

By Olga – Spiritual Trip, October 2017 

“I am very sad to leave my travelling with Bhola around India. I enjoyed every moment being here. It was really a saving journey. Good observation and experience. Excellent food, friendly people, cheap stones and gold!. Brilliant weather, best driver. Lovely Irish girls in our group, made fun non stop. Just fantastic time, Thank you Bhola “

By Jo – Spiritual Trip, October 2017 

“Dear Bhola & Antonella, an amazing trip, which was way beyond my expectations.  Thanks you both for this opportunity to experience India on so many levels, spiritual, fun and of course shopping!  Thanks also to my fellow travellers who added to the overall experience, namaste. “

By Traveller 1 – Spiritual Trip, October 2017

“Thank you all for a lovely company during our India Trip. Just happy thoughts. Thanks again Bhola for a good organisation, all the excursions and your confidence. It was a very pleasant holiday. I must admit that all problems were solves by Bhola very easily, without any stress. Lovely memories, thanks a million –  namaste. “

By Traveller 2 – Spiritual Trip, October 2017 

“Just looking back over some photos from India. Can’t believe we saw so much in such a short time. It was unbelievable. thank you so much, Bhola & Antonella. “

By Hilary & Diana – Yoga in Tuscany, May 2017 

“To Antonella & Bhola, thank you both for our amazing Italian adventure.

Great time had by all and very relaxing! Lots of love”

By Brigid – Yoga in Tuscany, May 2017 

“Thank you so very much for organising our lovely week in Maremma and for spoiling us as our interpreter and driver! It was a perfect location with great companions. Thank you, over and over!”


By Mary – NY in Kerala 2016

“Thanks so much for a wonderful holiday and for all you did!”

By Carmel – NY in Kerala 2016

“A wonderful experience, so glad to have met you all. Thank you especially Bhola & Antonella.”

By Hilary – NY in Kerala 2016  

“Thank you all for a great adventure, I’m sure our path will cross sometimes again and look forward to seeing us all. Good memories to cherish of a beautiful Country, beautiful people and delicious food. What more could you ask for …!”

By Charles – NY in Kerala 2016 

“Thanks everyone for a great holiday, it was nice to meet you all and I hope we meet again in the future.”

By Crystal – NY in Kerala 2016 

“Grateful for every moment spent with such a great group of people.

Thank you Antonella & Bhola for bringing us all together, for we may never have met.”

By Sandra –  NY in Kerala 2016

“Thank you very much for a wonderful holiday.”

By Eithne – NY in Kerala 2016 

“Dearest Antonella & Bhola, I had a fantastic time! Many Many thanks – Blessings”

By Louise – Spiritual Trip 2016 

“The best thing I’ve ever done; I experienced so much in only two weeks. Would do it over and over!”

By Audrey – Spiritual Trip 2016 

"I am having an amazing time – thank you for all your help in getting us here! …"

By John – Spiritual Trip 2016 

“Finishing up in Udaipur and then heading home on Saturday after a fantastic trip.”

By Irene & Shirley – Himalaya & Rajasthan Trip April 2016 

"We got a good feeling from the first time we spoke to Bhola and Antonella about our special trip, and we were not wrong. Our 25 day trip couldn’t have been better planned and the balance between travel, sightseeing, relaxing was just perfect…. Not to forget the wonderful Chitta, our driver, guide and new friend in India. He knew when to let us do our own thing and when to help out. All in all, we know that our special trip just wouldn’t have been so special without all of you….. Thanks so much for the trip of a lifetime!"

By Michael - NY in Kerala 2015 

"It was a cultural trip which was lovely to experience – meeting people very friendly who spoke to you as neighbours. And everywhere there was peace and serenity – and there was the traffic and chaos! …"

By Mary - NY in Kerala 2015 

"It has been a fascinating trip, challenging at times, but well worth it! The food, incredible. Swimming at 6am – WOW!"

By Susan - NY in Kerala 2015 

Antonella & Bhola – this has been an incredible journey on many levels that I will treasure always. Thank You

By Roisin - NY in Kerala 2015 

"A great way to spend your holidays and a great experience"

By John- NY in Kerala 2015 

"A wonderful trip – really exceeded my expectations"

By Daniela - NY in Kerala 2015 

"The best is yet to come – washing elephants and going to a tiger reserve.

Thank you Bhola & Antonella for organising a wonderful holiday"

By Theresa - Spiritual Trip – October 2015 

"Dear Bhola, The dust has settled on my return to Ireland after our amazing Indian adventure. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards you and all of your efforts to show me a true and authentic insight into the golden land of India, filled with depth, character and immeasurable spirit. I set no expectations of what the journey to India would entail but the whole experience was so much more than I could have ever imagined or anticipated. If someone wants a five star Indian holiday they can make a reservation through many agencies, however, if someone wants a true, five star Indian experience they will find their way to you and Antonella. India is not Ireland, and that is exactly why I wanted to experience the country through the eyes of a native person. Thank you for taking us to all of the different places, each with their own personality and offering. My eyes were opened up to the simplicities of life and what we really need to be content within ourselves. The bus journeys were a time for me to reflect and observe; paying attention to the sights that were unfolding and ever changing. All of my senses and emotions were stimulated. Perspective was put on life and living with a sense of appreciation for the journey that I have been on. May your next spiritual tour to India bring you the gift of new people who too want to enjoy all that you bring to the table in the form of a truly memorable authentic Indian experience. Mile Buiochas arís"

By Senthill – Karnataka, April 2015 

"Many thanks for your help for this trip with my family"

By Owen – Christmas in Kerala 2014

"Amazing holiday, great value for money, lovely hotels, pools, food, etc. Bhola and Antonella were brilliant hosts and accommodated us throughout. “I will be back” ….

By Sarah – Christmas in Kerala 2014

"I had a wonderful time in India, the whole group got on very well together. Very peaceful tranquil place. I will keep the memories in my heart forever. Thank you Bhola & Antonella"

By Sammy, Terry & Ivan – Christmas in Kerala 2014

"We have had an amazing holiday. We liked everything about it – food, people and places. It was our first trip to India and definitely won’t be our last! Thanks you Bhola & Antonella"

By Sandra – Christmas in Kerala 2014

"This is my first time travelling and going to India, on my own. How brave I feel, but on arrival at Delhi what a shock but a lovely guide Paul gave us an amazing journey in the North – the Golden Triangle. Awesome! The one word to describe my journey in India is “Phenomenal”. It really has to actually be seen to be believed. Thank you Antonella & Bhola for an amazing journey in India. The peace and tranquillity, the beauty will live with me forerver. My love and blessings I give to you both to a beautiful unbelievable couple. With all my love"

By Marie – October 2014

"Many Thanks for providing my first spiritual trip to India. The spiritual trip was indeed spiritual in practice and in content. The most memorable moments were probably seeing the sunrise on the Ganges and the Hindu songs in the Sikh prayers at the Golden Temple and bathing in the Ganges. The size of the group and the different personalities participating enriched the spirituality in an unique way. Hopefully what you have given to us, we may pass on to others and in providing our holiday, you may reach your dreams."

By Naimh – October 2014

"Thanks to Bhola, Tridev and Satish for a most memorable journey through Northern India. I will never forget the ceremonies on the banks of the Ganges, the celebration of the full moon, the women at the well while we meditated on the banks of the river; Amritsar and the Golden Temple, the food kitchens and the visit to the Dalai Lama monastery at the foothills of the Himalayas, and the wonderful camaraderie of the group."

By Charlie & Soon-ie – October 2014

"A most memorable and fascinating two weeks trip, full of great interests, which gave us an opportunity to at last experience India and to see whether all the rumors, reports and stereotypes were actually based on reality. India (or at least the small piece of this great sub-continent which we have seen) is full of colours, noise, chaotic traffic, very friendly people. It is overwhelming, many people everywhere, apparent lack of any enforcement of regulations for living together in comfort. This crazy traffic with even tempered drivers, pedestrians and bike riders in the cities. Beautiful countryside, lush with wonderful plants and trees strange to Western eyes, and houses everywhere in many different styles and designs. Also an unforgettable group, a tireless driver, and our patient and always cheerful Bhola. Thank You"

By Michelle & Niall – October 2014

"To Bhola & Antonella – Thank you for the nice time and wonderful group, we have really enjoyed everything and great experience. We wish you the very best for the future and to fulfill your dreams."

 By Grainne & Michael – October 2014

"We both enjoyed ourselves for the last two weeks in India. Thank You"

 By Brigid – October 2014

"To India, much joy and sadness at the beauty of the world. Thank you so much for your part in my delight!"

By Jenny – October 2014

"This was my first time in India and I was travelling alone. I wanted to find a guide who would bring me around India in a safe and enjoyable way. Bhola and his brother have been our guides for the last two weeks and it has been an enjoyable way to discover India. The advantage of going with a group is, it makes things stress free. The hotels are booked for and the transport is organised – which makes it very easy to relax and enjoy the sites you are being shown. India is a beautiful Country and I am looking forward to the next 20 days I have booked by myself. Thank you Bhola & Tridev!"

By Sue & Carl – Spiritual Trip September 2014

"We would like to thank Bhola & Antonella for the enjoyable

experience we had in India."

By Geraldine - Rajasthan October 2013 

"I am speaking on behalf of myself and my two friends Stephanie and Lucy We had a wonderful trip around India late Sept / Oct 2013 thanks to Ethic Travels and Bhola who organised the trip for the three of us. On our arrival at Delhi airport, coming from Kerala, we met up with our wonderful driver Cittaranjan who escorted us to our hotel .He was as much the highlight of our trip as well the beautiful places we visited .He was very knowledgeable on the local history of everyplace we visited as well as on the history of India itself We never had a dull moment in the car with him He was the nearest thing to an Irish Paddy you could ever meet – warm , kindhearted, chatty and great fun. As we spent many hours in the car with him one can say he halved our journey If we go to India again we will definitely make contact with him.Some of our best memories were attending the Arati by the Ganges around dusk, an early morning meditation by the Ganges, our visit to the Taj Mahal at dawn, visiting the Sadguru fabric shop in Jaipur, Amristar the Golden Temple, Pushkar by the lake and Rajasthan. Many thanks again Bhola and Chitta for your wonderful service An experience not to be missed"

 By Brigid – Christmas in Kerala 2013

"Thank you Antonella and Bhola for the wonderful holiday you promised – and delivered. The jewel in the crown was your own physical presence. There were opportunities to learn / brush up on Indian cuisine when we dined together. There were many highlights which I have cherished. Our private audience with the saffron-robed swami and martial arts warrior; meeting Amma who was “at home”, the long procession of the shirtless worshippers in the magnificent granite temple at Kanyakumari, the backwater cruise on the houseboat. Thank you Antonella & Bhola also for bringing us all together to make up the lovely dynamic of our group"

By Jennifer – Christmas in Kerala 2013

"What a wonderful trip! I felt like I have been away for ages. We saw so much and visited so many wonderful places in Kerala. A brilliant experience, one that I will remember forever!"

By Nora – Christmas in Kerala, 2013

"The trip to Kerala is a lot different than the trip in Norh India. Beaches, back waters, house-boat, enjoying meals, temple and ashram visits, shopping, sightseeing – all while travelling on our a/c bus with our driver! Have you ever thought about going to India? Check out EthicTravels.com and have a trip of a lifetime! Bhola & Antonella will arrange every detail to ensure a great trip. It’s not a dream, it’s INDIA!"

By Agné – Christmas in Kerala 2013 

"I met the most amazing people on this trip and the evening stories were

fascinating. The places we visited were very nice and interesting.

The weather was just perfect, very happy! I look forward to the next trip …."

By Mary, Ireland – Spiritual Trip 2013

"Bhola was a great guide and our driver was also very obliging – both were always concerned about our well-being. The Taj Mahal was wonderful and I loved the chaos of Amritsar and the peace of the Golden Temple. The border crossing was great fun and very memorable. Dharmshala was a very special place. The hotels were wonderful and the service was very good. My best memory will be of not just the wonderful places we saw but of the great fun we had and the comraderie we developed as a group."

By Phil, Ireland – Spiritual Trip 2013

"What will stay with me forever is the smiling faces of the Indian people. No matter what their circumstances there was a natural willingness to be friendly. We here in the west could learn a lot from these people. I would like to thank Bhola and Antonella for our wonderful trip to India. Every last detail was worked out to perfection. Our driver was such a wonderful person and at no time did I ever feel unsafe even though the traffic has to be seen to be believed. Bhola was a wonderful guide and great fun and in his own words “everything is possible in incredible India”!

By Fiona – Spiritual Trip 2013

"Dear Antonella & Bhola, I want to send you my heart felt thanks for everything that you did for our recent trip to India. I had the time of my life! Thanks again for everything."

By Andrea, Spiritual Trip 2013

"Thank you Bhola for organising such a nice trip, it was very good and special. I had the best time of my life."

By Gretta– Spiritual Trip 2013

"Thank you so much for a great trip, I really appreciate all your hard work and kindness. Bhola, “the best tour guide”, great fun, lots of positive energy, takes care of everybody’s needs, makes sure everyone is safe and happy!"

By Xavier ES, August 2013

"I arranged a Golden Triangle visit while on a return trip from Kathmandu. It has been greatly organised, the hotels were fabulous, with a special touch for our honeymoon. Many Thanks, Bhola!"

By Eric CH, Khumb Mela February 2013

"It was a great trip across India, we were glad to have the chance to be

in Ahmedabad for this special kumbh mela"

By Nora, Ireland – Spiritual Trip 2012

"Best trip ever My 15 year old son Robert and I loved it all. Could not pick out one best thing as it was all so good. Just being on such a trip together will be a life memory for us both. Bhola and Antonella looked after everything so well we had no worries and we could just enjoy trip"

By Louise, Ireland – March 2012

"We had an absolutely wonderful time discovering India. We felt at home and comfortable straight away. We were eased into the Indian culture and we felt very safe as two girls travelling alone. Thank you"

 By Joseph & Gudrun, Austria – November 2011

"Thank you very much for safely driving us through so many kilometers through Rajasthan, a small part of India but very interesting. And thanks for the careful help in every situation. Blessings"


By Brian - Spiritual Trip 2011

"I was glad to see India, the trip was very much worth-wile. It was good value, we saw many places and was very exciting"

 By Angela, Rita, Christine – Spiritual Trip 2011

"A great thank you for this wonderful trip"


 By Lidia, Spain – July 2010

"Moltes gracies per aquests dias. Eusha agradct molt coneixre ‘t"


By Ellen, USA - Rajasthan October 2010

"I booked a trip to India through Antonella & Bhola and I couldn’t be happier! I was a bit apprehensive about travelling on my own in India but it never felt that way as I knew I had their support behind me and a caring and conscientious driver looking after me all the way. Their suggestions also helped me to maximize my time and have a lot of fun, too! Can never thank you both enough!"


By Elodie & Carole, France – November 2010

"Nos premiers pas en Inde en ta compagnie seront un beau souvenir. Nous ne pourrons oublier les longs trajets en voiture, musique a fond, tapant dans les mains. Nous te souhaitons beaucoup de bonheur dans ton travail et avec ta famille"

By Mary - Rajasthan Ferbaury 2010

"I travelled to Rajasthan in February 2010 and I had the best experience and personal attention I ever experienced. I sure hope to come back very soon"

 By Bine, Austria - 2009

I must say thank you very much for the arrangement of this very good trip to the North of India. It was an unforgettable holiday for me!

 By Michelle Darden: In 2006 I traveled with Bhola on the Golden Triangle tour with my husband and two young children, and he made our stay in India stress-free! He was so kind to our children; we trusted him with them and he tailored our tour to our small budget. We saw places we would never have seen if we’d been on our own, or following our guidebook, and tried foods on the steet without getting ill. We still talk about our trip to India and remember our adventure, and our driver, with great memories!

 By Steve USA: I once traveled with Bhola in 2004, and it was one of my best trip… Bhola, you’re still my friend, I will never forget you. Wish you all the best…

 By Steve&Murielle Switzerland: We travelled with Bhola in 2003 across Rajasthan… This trip was a hit. So many laughes with you my friend !! We will never forget this trip and our friendship will never die. We Wish you all the best, Bhola. Take care. Love, Steve&Murielle


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