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Lotus Temple - Delhi

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

Visit the Bahai’s Temple  or Lotus Temple during our spiritual Trip in October.

The Bahai’s House,known as Lotus Temple of worship, is a marvel of modern architecture. It is made in the shape of a lotus and it is one of the major attractions for national and international tourists.

“It represents the Bahai’s faith which is an independent world religion, divine in origin, all-embracing in scope, broad in its outlook, scientific in its method, humanitarian in its principles and dynamic in the influence it exerts on the hearts and minds of men.”

It was completed in1986 and it is set among the lush green landscaped gardens.

The structure is made up of pure white marble. The architect Furiburz Sabha chose the lotus as the symbol common to Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Islam. Adherents of any faith are free to visit the temple and pray or meditate.

Around the blooming petals there are nine pools of water, which light up, in natural light. It looks spectacular at dusk when it is flood lit. (Source: delhitourism.gov.in)

Visit the Lotus Temple during our Spiritual Trip in October

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