Nature's Trails

Adventure Nature Trails 

Rural Villages & Backwaters Experience - 

Forest Jeep  Safari - Tea Plantations Bike Safari -Spice  Trails - Fishing - Kayaking - Boating


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Enjoy the backwaters of Kerala with the eye of a native, authentic rural life - stopping to see & visit people and places - coconut tapping, food cooking, fruit harvesting, kayaking, fishing



SPICE Trails

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Explore the tea plantation of the Western Ghats of Kerala,  by jeep and Royal Enfield, meet the people working in the fields, see how spices are grown and harvested, taste the fruit of such hard work - in this God blessed land, rich of natural resources




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Experience nature at its best with a full immersion in the Reservations of the Western Ghats, in the Tiger and Elephant reservations. Travel by jeep, stay inside the forest, night fire camps and locally sourced food. An amazing experience



Heritage Trails

Immerse yourself in the history  of India

North and South India

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Long Stay

Break the winter with a long stay in Kerala or North India - from 2 to 12 weeks away - customize it your way


Experience Ayurveda in its original birth place -

7, 14 or 21 days,

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Explore the hidden areas of sea, mountain and lakes, spot local birds and more ~

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